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We build websites that engage and
deliver clear and interactive content.

Email Marketing

We create email marketing campaigns
that attract attention in busy inboxes.

Bulk SMS Service

A simple phone message can convey the info without wasting anyone’s time.

Social Media

We help any company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.

Search Engine Optimisation

We develop SEO that drives quality traffic
to your site building trust in your brand.

Website Hosting

KANBOSK Web Hosting provides various limited and unlimited hosting plans.

Why Choose Us

KANBOSK build bespoke websites that meets usability and accessibility principles which conforms to W3C guidelines.

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User engagement

Our work is clean, simple to navigate, consistent and engages users. We can also use templates if that suit your needs.

Our designs are bespoke

We collaborate with other professional graphic designers for the aesthetics of your site giving you a WYSIWYG effect.

New site or revamp

We can build a new website from scratch or can revamp your existing one keeping your links and backlinks so you do not lose traffic.

Get started with bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Software is a marketing tool which allows you to send thousands
of messages in a single second. If your Message is short & appealing to targeted
customers, surely it will be read by your customers.

The Opening ratio of SMS is 90% more than an Email

SMS can be used for sharing alerts,
Church announcements, School information,
Product details, Order Confirmation, Bank Alerts,
Promotions, OPTs and many more.

Training and support

We offer full one to one support to new customers.
If you require any assistance, our support team will
help you. New customers are welcome to call us; we will
tell the steps to send the SMS.

Frequently asked questions

Have you got a burning question about bulk SMS or revamping your existing site? Get FREE expert advice with that by getting in touch today.

How much does it cost to send an SMS?

There are three factors to take into account when considering the cost of sending an SMS:
  • The cost per SMS in the SMS credit bundle purchased.
  • The country or countries the SMS messages are being sent to.
  • The route you use to send your SMS messages.

Are there any other costs involved when using Bulk SMS?

No. Bulk SMS operates on a prepaid basis. You simply purchase SMS credit bundles and use them as and when you need to. There is no monthly fee, no set up fee, and no contract fee involved when using our SMS service.

Who pays for any incoming SMS messages (i.e. replies to the SMS messages I send out)?

Any replies to your SMS message from a recipient are carried by the recipient. You do not pay for replies to the SMS messages you send out. The reply will be at a standard SMS message cost on a local network in these countries, but for mobiles in other countries, the reply path will be via a number outside of those countries and network charges by the network may be higher than for a local reply SMS.

Do Bulk SMS credits expire?

Bulk SMS credits do NOT expire. This means that your SMS credits will be available in your Bulk SMS account for as long as you need them.

Is there a daily or monthly minimum quota for sending SMSs?

No. You can send as many, or as few, SMS messages as you like. For security reasons we do however have a daily maximum limit set on all BulkSMS accounts. If you would like to increase your daily SMS quota you will need to contact our Support team. Please be sure to tell us your username and what you would like to increase (or decrease) your daily quota to.

Who pays for failed messages?

You, as the BulkSMS account holder, pay for failed messages, that is; messages that were not delivered to a contact in your database. There are two reasons for this:
  • The networks charge us for all submissions regardless of the status.
  • We expend more resources in handling failed messages as we re-try sending these messages to the network before reporting it as a failed message.

How long does it take for my SMS messages to be delivered?

SMS messages sent via our SMS gateway are typically delivered to a mobile phone number within 15 seconds.
In some cases delivery may take up to 3 minutes depending on the network routing of SMS messages, the number of SMS messages sent in a batch, or other factors.

Do you provide delivery reports?

Yes we do. These are stored for 30 days only on the Bulk SMS Web to SMS platform. If however, you are using the Bulk SMS Text Messenger, you will be able to see your delivery report for as long as you keep the sent SMS message in your Sent items box.

How many contacts can I send the same SMS message to?

The BulkSMS system allows you to send an SMS message to a database of up to 30,000 contacts in one submission when using the Bulk SMS API or Web to SMS platform and up to 20,000 contacts when using the Bulk SMS Text Messenger. For high submission volumes, the Bulk SMS API Gateway is recommended.

What is the “daily quota” and what does ‘daily quota exceeded mean’?

The daily quota is the number of SMS messages you can send out from your Bulk SMS account in one day. The system is set at a default limit of 1,000 credits when you open your Bulk SMS account. If your daily quota has been exceeded you will no longer be able to send SMS messages from your Bulk SMS account for that one day. You will however be able to continue sending messages the following day.
Should you wish to increase your daily quota you can do so by sending an email request to our Support team.

Can I schedule my SMS messages?

Yes you can Schedule your SMS messages to be sent at a later date and time for up to one year in the future.

Can I personalise the SMS messages I want to send?

Yes. You can send multiple SMS messages with different content for each SMS message using the Bulk SMS Text Messenger, the Bulk SMS Web to SMS platform and our SMS API Gateway. Contact our Support team for a step by step guide using the BulkSMS product of your choice.

Can customers reply to my SMS messages?

Yes, each message that is sent out using Bulk SMS can be replied to.
Each sent message is allocated a unique identifying number. Should your customers wish to respond to the SMS you sent, this unique number will ensure that the customer's response is routed directly to your Bulk SMS Inbox.
Please note that we do not offer replies or two way messaging in all countries. You can test replies from your mobile, alternatively, contact Support to find out whether or not replies are possible in your country.

Will I pay for incoming replies to my outgoing SMS messages?

No, you will not pay for replies to your SMS message.
Anyone who replies to that message will carry the cost of the reply SMS.

Can SMS responses be forwarded to my email?

Yes, you can set this up by editing your Email to SMS settings on your Bulk SMS account.

Can SMS responses be forwarded to my mobile phone?

No, SMS responses cannot be forwarded to your mobile phone. But you can receive them using the Bulk SMS app, or by logging in to the Bulk SMS Web platform.