Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move my website / domain name somewhere else?

Yes! The site is totally yours, however, you will have to finish paying for the site and domain name before I can release the site to you.

How do you go about developing my website?

Your site will be developed in 5 phases.

  • Requirements - I will need to understand what your requirements are and how you would like the site to look, together with what is technically feasible.
  • Design - I will then produce a mock-up design of a few pages for your approval.
  • Implementation - After all changes have been made and agreement reached, I will then begin developing your site.
  • Testing - I will test the site several times using browserlab extensions to ensure compatibility with all devices and operating systems.
  • Deploy - Once you are happy with the final look, feel and usability of the site, I will then make it live to the world.

How long will it take to design my website?

If all requirements have been agreed and signed off, your site should be ready within the time stipulated here. Should changes be done in the requirements or design phases of the project, your site may take a little longer to complete.

How much will my website cost?

The cost of your website depends on what package you go for and how many pages need to be designed. Please review the pricing list here

If my site is responsive, does site visitors have to take any action to see mobile version of site?

No! Site visitors do not need to take any special action to access the mobile version of your site. They just have to type the site address in the mobile browser and will instantly see the mobile optimized version of the site. Your site will be designed using the bootstrap framework to enable your site to detect device type and size and optimise it according to device screen size.

What CMS solutions do you offer?

Currently, I offer Joomla and WordPress for new and existing customers as they are the two known CMS's commercially used. I also offer WebYep for customers who already have a static website and wants to integrate a CMS into it or convert to a CMS.

What happens after my site is designed?

I will implement the site exactly as per the design through testing, and then will deploy it on your chosen domain name and hosting server.

Who will own and look after my website once it's been built?

When the site is deployed live, you have absolute control over it. You will be the owner of your site, however, if you will like me to update and manage it for you, we can agree a small monthly fee.

Will I have to write my own content plus submit my own assets?

Yes! As part of the requirements, you will have to produce your own content to be published plus produce your own images, videos, etc. I will then put it all together for you within the agreed time.

Will my site work on multiple devices and will it work on all browsers?

Yes, your site will be compatible on all browsers and on multiple devices (like iOS devices, Windows, etc). If your requirement is for a responsive theme, your site will be designed using the bootstrap framework. This will enable your site to detect the device type and size and will optimise it according to device screen size.

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